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Flight Data Recorders   (1553, ARINC-429, Ethernet, RS-422, Discrete)

CMC-e-600 - Chinook CAAS Data Recorder

cmc-e-600 dataMars Flight Recorder



Debriefing Software

Built for the CH-47 CAAS program, the CMC-e-600 is the solution for flight data recording and analysis, integrating an airborne recording unit with powerful ground analysis software. The product is based on the Flight Worthy CMC-e rugged PC with the dataMARS software. The recorder includes a Removable Memory Module (RMM) of 0.5 Terabyte, that stores the collected flight data. The CMC-e-600 package includes Ground analysis software for data processing and post-flight analysis.
During flight the unit monitors and records the entire traffic, (or selected portions) of two MIL-STD-1553 buses and the entire traffic (NDO level) of two Ethernet channels. Recorded data is time tagged with reference to IRIG-B time code or internal PC clock. The Recorder has a future growth potential of recording 6 ARINC-429 RX channels.

CMC-e-600 page
CMC-e- 600 ICD        CMC-e-600 data sheet 



FDR 300 - Flight Data Recorder for UAVs.

MIL-STD-1553 FDR-300 Recorder






FDR-300 is a  miniature Rugged Airworthy Flight Data Recorder running Windows XP Embedded  on AMD Geode LX800. The Recorder is qualified for Fighter planes, helicopters and  UAVs.  

The FDR-300 unit provides ‘All-In-One’ recording capabilities for various airborne parameters via interface to up to three dual redundant 1553 channels, Analog, Discrete and Serial communication.


The system is programmed for the specific parameters that need to be monitored and recorded during the flight; the data is stored on removable PCMCIA PC card.

ETI supplies the ICD of the data files.


FDR-300 Records:

-:2 x MIL-STD-1553,
- 4 x RS-422,

- 4 x Analogue

FDR-300 page






 Debriefing Software

The CMC-e-1000 is a flight-data recorder integrated with powerful on-line and ground analysis software. During flight, the unit is configured as a stand alone Recorder, or as a Server working with several client workstations. The CMC-e-1000 records simultaneously:
- 2 to 4 MIL-STD-1553 channels,
- 8-16 x RS-422 channels with time tags
- 10 discrete signals with time tags
- 1-2 10/100BaseT with time tags (Ethernet via TCPIP).
Recorded data files are per IRIG-B, Chapter 10 formats 

 CMC-e-1000 page                 CMC-e- 1000 data sheet   


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